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As of December 2018
Islamic State: England  
Published: 15th January 2017
Image: Islamic State: England - click for dedicated page
ISBN [Print] 9781910711101
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711118

When a top undercover agent working in Syria on Friday, turns up dead in Norfolk on Monday, Dan Glover of MI6 is sent to investigate. He discovers ISIL are sending passenger jets to land at an unregistered British airfield; their cargo is mainly civilians, but includes militia, and weapons: 2,000 illegal immigrants per day; and then he discovers four more airfields.

Making discovery after discovery, Dan concludes ISIL are planning to turn England into a Caliphate. Dan is assisted by a small team from MI6, and local police. The local Station Officer, Inspector Felicity Wigglesworth becomes his staunchest supporter. They become lovers, but can their relationship withstand the rigorous call of duty?

Their romance seems destined to fail, as Muslims take over towns and villages, and war with ISIL on British soil, becomes inevitable. Interspersed with romantic interludes, Islamic State: England, details how religious fanatics could take over England, and western Europe.

The plot twists and turns, as greater discoveries are made. Those in positions of power refuse to take pre-emptive action, by which time it is too late. With SCUD missiles headed for central London, can Dan muster the resources to fight back against the tyranny of ISIL?

One irony of this book is that aspects of it are already coming true in real life.

Published: 28th February 2017

Image: Domicile, One of the most deeply disturbing books ever written - Click for dedicated page
ISBN [Print] 9781910711125
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711132


In modern British Family Courts, ‘the needs of the child are irrelevant’.


Dare any mortal enter the dystopian world of modern children?
Since Dickensian times, no author has conceived so damning a commentary,
concerning contemporary childcare.
Domicile is a place one must reside by enforced law.
This book is based entirely upon known fact.

Written through the eyes of a young girl who endured years of horrific abuse, Domicile exposes a British care system hell-bent on destroying normal, loving families. Or is there another, more sinister motivation? Family Court must balance social worker claims of ‘possible, future emotional abuse’, against the foreknown emotion abuse of a child being taken into Care.

The book asks if in law, there should be Degrees of Rape. It proposes the level of intent of both parties be taken into consideration, and that anonymity for both be the norm until conviction.
But what sets this book apart, is that it follows the money trail, something police and press failed to do. Those in positions of deepest trust, and a Duty of Care, sold themselves out for money running into tens of millions of pounds. It is but a small step to conclude British judges and barristers, Social Services, Police, and Local Authority, are also an integral part of this travesty of justice.

The Muslims in Rotherham were also making Millions of pounds p.a. in untaxed, used notes. The figures are in the public domain, but nobody bothered to do the maths.
This book does.

What if––one of these girls was your own daughter, legally abducted:
10-years old, and already an unpaid Muslim sex slave?

Profits from sales of this book will go to charities supporting similarly abused children

Inner Sanctum  
Published: 30th November 2014
Image: A dystopian story seen through the eyes of the young girls who lived through hell
ISBN [Print] 9781910711002
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711026


It is refreshing to read a book where the two main characters are strong female role models, and the main topic of conversation is not which boy they like. Although products of adversity, they never back down from any challenge, but rise to overcome everything the brutality life throws at them. It is notable that the supporting male characters never once take precedence; this remains the story of two adolescent girls from front to back cover.

Although categorized as Young Adult, Urban Fiction, the strength of the book, will appeal to a wide range of readers, both male and female. Inner Sanctum offers hope, help, and a model for those who struggle to raise themselves. Through confidential sharing, the girls form a formidable team, fighting against past and present injustices. Death, revenge, and remorse are just some of the milestones they encounter.

When Shona, now known as April, realizes that for her life to move on, she must confront her mother, Annaliese has words of advice. “April, you don't need a gun to go see your mother.” But April is not so sure.

The book is set in contemporary San Diego, and is written in American English.

Conspiracy Theory  
Published: 6th January 2015
Image: April and Annaliese discover a plot to blow up the Presidency; can they prevent the destruction of America?
ISBN [Print] 9781910711019
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711033


Conspiracy Theory, Book Two of the Fractured series, is a mystery and espionage thriller that continues the story of April Bekkons and Annaliese Braun; damaged, but not broken by events no young girl should have knowledge of. They raise themselves to do what is necessary to save themselves, others, and eventually their country, from destruction.

The book picks up directly from the last line of Inner Sanctum, and introduces Michael. From the apparent ramblings of this crazy man, the plot coalesces to bring in the Sheriff's department and FBI, who with support of the Secret Service, set up a task force to track the threat nationwide. They discover a terrorist plot to destroy the American system of government, and have to prevent the immanent launch of undetectable, nuclear missiles.

The science described in the story is real and documented within the context of the novel. Using a series of bizarre localized disasters, real military science, and a nefarious cabal that links them together, the plot weaves a tale of conspiracy theory made real. It just might come true.

The book is again set in contemporary San Diego, and is written in American English.

Star Gazer Trilogy Book 1  
Second Edition Published 21st December 2020.
Image: Star Gazer Book 1 Unabridged - The Gatekeeper and The Guardian
ISBN [Print] 9781910711248
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711255


The Gatekeeper and The Guardian, the first episode of Star Gazer begins with the hero, Jack Barleycorn, being washed ashore on an imaginary island in the South Pacific.Set in the contemporary world of today, he discovers a branch of human kind long thought to be extinct.

The islanders have a Stone Age culture, but use an extremely advanced technology, one that was left behind by an alien race called The Ancestors. Later, Jack discovers other branches of the human line also survive, although we know of these from myth and legend as Elves, Dwarves, and Ogres.

This science fantasy, science fiction trilogy leads us to question both Darwinism and Catastrophe Theory, and offers an alternative explanation to our human evolution. A series of discoveries irrevocably alter his life, and as the extraordinary tale unwinds, we are led to question our most basic assumptions about humanity: who we are, where we came from, and perhaps more importantly, where we are headed.

The book is set in the South Pacific, and is written in British English. Find out more... coming soon.

Available from Amazon and similar retailers, in print and eBook formats.

Star Gazer Trilogy Book 2  
Published 16th October 2015.
Image: Star Gazer Book 2 - The Twelve Tribes
ISBN [Print] 9781910711057
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711088


The Twelve Tribes, continues the compelling story of Jack's life. The beginning introduces several new characters, most notably Kay, The Dark Elf. She and Jack discover much about the Ancestors, their spacecraft, and the history of all humanity.

We learn the Ancestors created the Twelve Tribes of humanity in their own image, by cloning an manipulating their own DNA, and that of the existing proto-human, homo habilis, and creating their first prototype, homo ergaster.

The Shaman, an enlightened being, becomes more closely interwoven within the plot, as the Elven prophesy indicates all Twelve Tribes must be reunited to save humanity from The Wrath of Gaia. The problem being, The Great Ogre, despotic Overlord of the Tenth Tribe, is determined to subjugate or exterminate all sentient life on planet Earth, and a series of battles ensues.

The book is again set in the South Pacific, and is written in British English. Find out more... coming soon.

Star Gazer Trilogy Book 3  
Published 16th October 2015.
Image: Star Gazer Book 3 - The Wrath of Gaia
ISBN [Print] 9781910711064
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711095


The Wrath of Gaia completes the first trilogy, detailing an end of the world catastrophe that is completely original, entirely believable, and also highly possible. This is compounded by The Great Ogre, who continues to wage war with all the other Tribes, using the Wrath of Gaia to his advantage.

The final chapters reveal the Shaman and a young girl standing alone to face the might of the Great Ogre and his mutant hordes. How can they possibly win?

The first trilogy was written as largely science fantasy, the second under pen, is mainly science fiction; a new threat has been detected by the Elves, one from deep space, and it is headed directly for planet Earth.

Does God exist? Or was humanity created by an Alien race that came to Earth millennia in the past? That hypothesis, presented in this book, is difficult to refute. Religious beliefs are examined, questioned, as set against The Seven Virtues. How could Eve be the first woman, when she was Adam's second wife? These questions, and others like the discovery of the Ark of The Covenant, containing The Twelve Commandments of The Ancestors, are revealed. Several versions of the Ten Commandments are also found, each revealing a male orchestrated, misogynistic belief that women are not the creators of life, but are there to satisfy male desires, mainly of the flesh, those of power and controlling others.

The book is again set in the South Pacific, and is written in British English. Find out more... coming soon.

Under Pen    

The Bear Went Over the Mountain. Meaning irrelevant text. It relates to brilliant work, that does not add any value to the story.

The point of this whimsey is that nothing actually happens––although, I do plan to make it most entertaining. The bear's name is Benny, and he goes over the mountain. End of story.

  The official Star Gazer website: offers a vast amount of additional information, full character descriptions and images, large scale maps, Jack’s backstory, and other interesting details. Sections explain the Ancestral science, while others provide full references, timeline, spacecraft diagrams and images, and much more of interest. There is also an adventure game being created that mirrors the first book.
Star Gazer Second Trilogy
  Stargazer second trilogy continues to boldly go into the future, becoming a science fiction epic. The cast and younger generation from the first trilogy are joined by Poh, leader of the Ancestors cousins. They come to Earth to escape persecution by a more advanced alien species, the Aleutian-Hallion Alliance.
Oh, and anyone that knows me well, will also realise there is a point to the story of Benny the Bear, if not the one they were expecting.

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Charlotte Greene

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Fiction book imprint for self-publishing authors who need a little help, say with editing or covers. This resource is also open to freelancers. Charlotte Greene put the two in contact with each other.

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Free resources and information for anyone unsure about China, especially Canton.
A Letter From China
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Infrequent, irreverent, and irrelevant snapshots of daily life in China. An expats view of life in modern Canton.

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Six Days in Siam

A short story about the stupidity of the Orient, as seen through the eyes of the Occident.
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