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Published: 28th February 2017

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ISBN [Print]  9781910711125
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711132

Profits from sales of this book will go to charities supporting similarly abused children, including those in the British Pakistani Muslim community.

The facts of this book call on supposed feminists to rally in support of these tragically abused girls, to offer support and aide. I wait with baited breath.


Interview with the author

Q. What made you want to write this book?

A. There are two reasons, the one that started me off, and the one that has made the book a compelling expose. Circa 2010 I began following Christopher Booker's column in the Sunday Telegraph. He was exposing acts of kidnapping by social services, and secretive closed courts, where both parents and children were not allowed to speak. The reported facts are referenced in the book. It was a place to begin.

But there was a second thing that occurred, the exposure of the Muslim grooming gangs. It was horrendous. I decided to write this book because I became aghast at the way very young Christian girls were being systematically abused by (mainly) Muslim Pakistani men. And today in May 2017, new cases are still coming to light. There are tens of thousands of these girls, maybe hundreds of thousands, many of them under the age of thirteen.

The key was when I realised a majority of the groomed girls came from care homes, and I asked myself if there was a link. It seemed impossible there was not. So I combined real life press reports with fictional characters, and the result was the first rough draft of Domicile.

Q. You chose an unusual format, why?

A. Hmm. Susan, my content editor suggested writing it as an interview, and that gave rise to the container that is Bilty Steadman. That name also has a reason.

Perhaps a year passed as I finished other books, before savagely pruning Domicile, and inserting Bilty. During the interim, the Jay Report was published, which I read, and something was nagging me.

The upshot was, I asked myself two questions:
1. How much money was being made out of these girls, and by whom?
2. What is the population of Rotherham?
I did the maths, using figures in the public domain, and the answers were astonishing.

Q. What else Jonno, I know you too well.

A. The role and power of Pakistani 'Landlords' in these Muslim ghettos. Does anyone seriously believe that all these events in neighbouring towns all over the country are not related in some way?

I do not. To date, not one person has thought to ask if there is or are controllers of these grooming gangs, the Landlords that take the big money. Think about it, and then think deeper.

It is obvious, that on a national scale such as this, there have to be mafia-like bosses running these gangs.

Q. What else is stated in the book?

A. Always the agent provocateur, the characters examine if there should be degrees of rape, as with murder. I suggest you read the chapter concerned and join the discussion. One category a character suggested, was rape by misadventure. I chuckled when I wrote it, but doesn't that just about sum up what may happen to a girl on a drunken night out.

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One of the hallmarks of great fiction, is bringing a sense of balance to the work.

Morris says, "This book is horrendous, so I balanced outrage with empathy, abuse with pathos, and bad stuff with laughter.

"The emotional abuse these girls endured was horrific, and initially inflicted by social services and closed family courts. The parents and children were not allowed to speak in their defence, or even challenge dubious expert witness statements.

"Why does a nine year old girl in supposed care, need the approval of social services, before police will begin to investigate extremely serious charges of gang rape. It beggars belief.

"The police and social services wrote this off by stating, 'The girl was making a lifestyle choice.'

"How can a nine-year-old girl make the choice to become and unpaid prostitute for Pakistani Muslim gangs?

"Social services had duty of care. They were the child's official guardians, and as such, were responsible to administering her Domicile.

They and the police concerned, should be in prison for perverting the course of justice, and grave dereliction of duty."

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