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The Twelve Tribes

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Published: 16th October 2015

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ISBN [Print]  9781910711057
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711088


Interview with Carla AchesonAuthor of The Last Gift, who has worked as a reviewer and interviewed best selling authors:

Q. This book is superficially about returning all twelve tribes to the fold of humanity. Why twelve tribes?

A. Twelve is a very strange number. The Chinese have a specific word that means 'one dozen' Virtually all cultures do. In this trilogy, it relates to the Twelve Apostles, so with Jesus, the full number is thirteen. I offer the Twelve Tribes of Humanity, plus the Ancestors. Follow that analogy, and you will understand book three in much greater depth.

Q. You wrote this referring to future books?

A. Of course. These are not three books, but one continuously, developing story, at least to me. That is how I see it. Many times during editing, I needed all three books open at the same time, because a small change in one would ricochet around the rest of the trilogy. And I don't mean just in one place of those books, all over the place.

Some groundwork has also been laid for books four and six. Yes, already. It's a bit like a building site. You set the foundations and lay in the services like water, gas, and electricity, before the house building begins. Same with a trilogy. This stuff goes deep.

Q. What is the most important feature, chapter of this book?

A. The casting of The Sword of Destiny. Without that, all is lost, and I mean totally. There is a clue: Raem states, “You don't understand this, do you? This blade was created for healing, not destruction. Sometimes adults understand nothing.” [Quote: SG-3, Ch 18, P. 119.] And that is your only clue.

Q. What was most fun to write?

A. The names of the Giants. They just came to me, and still make me chuckle to this very day. Rambling Longshanks, Gangling Shortfalls, Temerity Shortfalls, Footsure Fourgay, and Constance Merryweather, to name but a few. The names create an aura of perception, although often misunderstood. Rambling is so named because of his storytelling ability, and not physical prowess.

Q. You used a naming convention I believe?

A. Yes, there is one specific to each Tribe. Also, their dialect is different. For instance, the Ddwyrth have Welsh names, but speak with a Scottish lilt, and use Scottish words and phrases. On the other hand, the Elves have long-winded titles, and use 'for' in an older sense than what is generally current today.

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That Kiss
In book 2, chapter 19, Jack and Kay lie comatose for years. Jack recovers before Kay does, and is by her side when she comes round. Helping her sit, she kisses him passionately, if briefly.

It was an unconscious act, but one destined to change their relationship, and ultimately, their lives forever. There is a bit more related to those emotions and their fallout in book three.

The main plot revolves around the Twelve Tribes, and battles with The Great Ogre. But in many ways, it is the subplots that are more important regards the future.

Casting The Sword of Destiny was one, but equally important was returning The Old Religion. That commits the Shaman to aide them.

The trilogy could not complete without the birth of Raem, daughter of Jack and Jinnie. She is seldom mentioned until the finale of the trilogy, but the website contains her backstory.

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