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Islamic State: England

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Published: 15th January 2017

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ISBN [Print]  9781910711101
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711118


What makes this book special, is that it dispenses with political correctness, and calls a spade a spade. Recently, ISIL fanatics caused mayhem and mass murder in Manchester. This is an unforgivable act for British citizens to perpetrate. The crime is Treason, and the punishment used to be Death.

In the book, Harrods is devastated, a second strike bringing down the entire building upon first and second responders. Sound familiar?

How long will it be before we engage in civil war with ISIL on British soil? The omens all point in that direction. Say that happened, what would take place?

Islamic State: England offers one version of how this could play out in our real lives. And in the not too distant future.

I stress, the book is not Islamophobic, but anti-extremist. Those that would kill British people because of distorted religious beliefs, used as a cudgel to warrant acts of barbarous butchery of meek civilians going about their daily lives in peace. Those that accepted immigrants into the bosom of this country, and offered them sanctuary and peace. It seems, the extremists have now taken over the Islamic asylum, and are intent upon turning England into an ISIL Caliphate. We cannot allow that to happen.

One irony of this book is that aspects of it are already coming true in real life.

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This book has one of the few incidences where I describe a character in full. Susan insisted Felicity was coming across wrong to the reader, so I inserted details of her physical appearance, which went a great way to dispelling her worries.
Where did you get the idea?
I read in the press about boats smuggling aliens into the country, and thought it would be better to use passenger aircraft. I already knew much of UK airspace was not monitored, except by the military. The thing is, unless you have eyes-on, they monitor the transponder code. If a passenger jet uses the transponder of a small aircraft, it would go undetected. The first lines came to me, and I was away with the story.
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