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The Wrath of Gaia

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Published: 16th October 2015

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ISBN [Print]  9781910711064
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711095


Interview with Carla AchesonAuthor of The Last Gift, who has worked as a reviewer and interviewed best selling authors:

Q. Your end of the world scenario is unique, and makes sense to me. Is it true in scientific fact?

A. Yes I believe so. I spent months on research, and especially how to use sea water as an accelerant. It was by no means easy. But given intense heat and pressure, water separates to become several accelerant's. That's a chemical truth.

I also needed to devise a way for the Wrath of Gaia to manifest, and this became a geological nightmare. I spent months researching tectonics and volcanology, and introduced Ali and the Mexicans to discover what was happening. A bit like a detective novel in that sense. For delivery, Jack kidnaps Gary and Shirl, and that was entertaining.

Q. Yes, Jack does kidnap a lot of people. Why?

A. I needed the Pope, the President of the USA, and others in the story. But it had to read real. Fallout was affecting all of the world, and this proved difficult to balance. I hope the addition of Mexican, Indian, and Chinese people helps in that sense. Plus Behrouz from Iran of course.

Q. Tell me about the main characters, the ones that appealed to you, the author.

A. Penelope Pendleton is the most unbalanced character I have ever written, but she brilliant in her field of sub-nuclear particle physics, and is a laugh a minute. I use this to negate the heavy scientific theory, as her dippy character, her words, bring a smile to the reader.

Q. Do Kay and Jack fall in love?

A. Yes they do, but that remains totally unrequited, at least in the first trilogy. If you want to know the outcome, you better read the second trilogy (chuckling).

Q. Explain "Predefining the Arbitrary," that does not make logical sense.

A. "Oh dear, I hope you're not going to be difficult," said Peni. Yes it is a conundrum, and was half written in jest, but mostly not. You see, Peni does 'predefine the arbitrary', but neither Jack nor n'Gnung do. Take your lead from Da Phai Nai's response, “Stupid, stupid boys, whatever am I to do with them?”

Q. "Predefining the Arbitrary," that's a contradiction of terms.

A. No it isn't, actually. It is merely associated with personal perception. Such are the ways of quantum physics.

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One of the most difficult things to write, and over so many books, was the development of Jack as a character.

In book one, and book two to some extent, people would say, "Can't you make Jack a bit more dynamic?"

My answer was, "No. Not in book one. He is lost and his world has been torn asunder. He spent months trying to survive alone, to hang on to his sanity.

"Then he was transported by impossible technology. He becomes a guest of an alien species, and reliant upon them for his survival; a very different form of humanity.

"He grows into his role as Guardian, and also Emperor, and by book 3, it is natural for him to be that dynamic force, a person who changes things. But like us, he needed to grow as a person to encompass those roles, and learn to be at ease with them, and himself. I rest my case."


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