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Inner Sanctum

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Published: 30th November 2014

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ISBN [Print]  9781910711002
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711026


Interview with the author

Q. Why did you write this book?

A. It was strange. I was waiting for copy back from an editor, not Susan, and I got bored. I also felt the need to write a dystopian novel, something in the Young Adult genre. I had two provisos: strong female lead, and to address modern day problems some, maybe many teenagers face, 'tweenies' also.

Idling away, hah! I wrote the first line, "Do you think about sex all the time Daddy?"

I was away, and the story just came out with a rush.

Q. So you didn't plan to write the book.

A. No, but I had ideas, signposts if you prefer. Susan says there are two, and only two types of writers: plotters or pantsers. Most of us are somewhere in between. Plotters plan the story to the infinite degree. Pantsers, as the label suggests, write by the seat of their pants. I'm 80% pantser.

Q. Whose your favourite character?

A. Whoa! That's a toughie. Satan.

Q. You mean the dog?

A. Yes, but joking. He was fun to write, the toffee chocolate episode especially.

Rather than pick a single character, I would prefer to focus on how those characters developed throughout the story, due to the ways they interacted. Rosa, Shona's new mother, Teves, her substitute father. The transformation of Shona/April herself. Writing it became a great thrill.

But it was also a means to send a clear message through to our next generation, via what befell the girls. Annaliese became a victim, her friend committed suicide, but Shone stood up for herself. Those three options remain open to any kid in the modern world, all one has to do is choose.

Q. And your message is?

A. Stand up to bullies, and if they upset you, get rid of social media, even you cell phone. Don't cut yourself, cut your bullies. If you don't know how to, learn how to.

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Ian Brown said:

Just to say I have just finished "Inner Sanctum" and despite it not being my kind of book, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
I've now passed it on to Sue to see what she thinks. You have obviously spent a lot more time on proof reading this one, as it is truly "polished" in that respect. Well done. I'm now looking forward to reading the sequel.


There is one major thing wrong with this cover image. Do you know what it is?

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Q. Did Annaliese murder her parents?

A. Yes. And I really do not blame her. It was deserved.

Q. So to you, your characters are real?

A. Hmm. Yes, in my mind's eye only. Some have entered my dreams, and that's well-weird.

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